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Storm Chasers

Andre Furtado Dark clouds looming over Toronto Canada as lightning strikes. Philippe Donn Gorriti Island, Uruguay. Amol Mande. Tiruchirappalli, TN, India.

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How to easily add your own weather information to a Free Blogger website. Signup at  Upon signing up your account will generate your very own unique API key. Your API key is not to be shared anywhere and kept safe. Then make sure your Blogger theme's layout, allows for a custom HTML/JAVA section to be added, Then enter in your API key where it says YOUR API KEY GOES HERE and save. <div id="weather-app">       <h1>🌐😶‍🌫️</h1>       <form>         <label for="city">Enter your city:</label><br />         <input type="text" id="city" name="city" /><br />         <button type="button" onclick="getWeather()">Get Weather</button>       </form>        <div id="weather-info">         <p id="temperature"></p> <p id="temperatureC"></p>         <p id="descriptio

Basic Meteorological Terms

Meteorological Terminology   Types of storm clouds. Common types of storm clouds: C umulonimbus clouds: These are the tall, dense clouds that are commonly associated with thunderstorms. They can reach heights of up to 60,000 feet and can produce lightning, thunder, hail, strong winds, and heavy precipitation. C umulus clouds: These are the puffy, white clouds that are often seen on fair weather days. They can grow vertically into cumulonimbus clouds when conditions are right, but they typically do not produce severe weather. S tratocumulus clouds: These are low, lumpy clouds that often form in groups or lines. They are typically gray or white in color and can produce light precipitation. N imbostratus clouds: These are low, gray clouds that often produce steady, moderate to heavy rain or snow. Altostratus clouds: These are mid-level clouds that are often gray or blue-gray in color. They can produce light to moderate precipitation. C irrus clouds: These are high-level clouds that are


  There are emergency hotlines that you can call in many countries to get help in case of an emergency. The specific number to call for emergency assistance can vary depending on the country you are in. Here is a list of some common emergency hotlines: Both United States : 911 and Canada : 911 United Kingdom:  999 Australia:  000 New Zealand:  111 India:  112 South Africa:  10111 Japan:  119 China:  119 If you are traveling to a different country and are unsure of the emergency hotline number, you can check with the local authorities or do an online search to find the correct number to call.