Weather Domain Names







Domain Name Trivia Time

is just 
*is not able to be registered 
*hyphen is not able to be placed immediately before the dot of any domain name extension
is managed by IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority and is used "as an illustrative example for documents", just like here

the above domain names represent a number of combinations of the use of the word weather and the number 1 in Chinese and Japanese combined with the information emoji or TM emoji code ( tm ).

knowing that TM emoji exists adds another layer of understanding when it comes to domain names and protecting IP in 2023, eg

Acquire your Brand + TM dot com, 
use it for an employee email address and corporate page, manage intranet (with an extra degree of separation from outside attacks) and also help manage perpetual ongoing software compatibility and server constraint issues,
SurfCost™️.com / is just