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Google owns abc,XYZ is a good sign.

Great tag with word hack.


A proxy server like VPN hides your IP address and is often used to check page rank by webmasters, and there are even tutorials on Youtube on how to easily create a proxy server. Privacy Pro is not a fad word, and .XYZ is seen to denote the facilitation of freedom from surveillance or censorship by web3 maxis. From 2018 dot XYZ has supported blockchain technology. 

Use your .XYZ domain name for your Ethereum wallet and website address.

Faster and easier to send and receive digital coins once you pair your wallet with your .XYZ domain. 

In-built security come standard with .XYZ domains.

Analytical Geometry and Metaverse.
X, Y, and Z are the three coordinates that show where you are in a 3D space and is why .XYZ  and Metaverse Domain Names make sense.

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